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Feb 21, 2018

BevSA NewsletterThe beverage industry is comprised of some of the most innovative and well-respected companies in the world. Our presence is felt in every corner of every community in our country, from our products in the aisles of big and small grocery stores and restaurants, to our local delivery drivers who distribute them, to our support for community initiatives and more.

We’re an industry that takes extraordinary steps to be part of the solution, whether it’s helping meet a community’s needs, doing our part to address childhood obesity or making calories more understandable for consumers While we see some positive signs in our business environment, there are also challenging issues such as the current debate on Sugar Tax.

In this inaugural edition, you will read about how BevSA is part of meaningful solutions to help reduce obesity, from product innovation and clear labelling to support programmes that promote balanced, active and healthy lifestyles, Our members are delivering more choices, including soft drinks, ready-to-drink teas, water, sports drinks, flavoured and enhanced waters, juices, energy drinks and more.

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